Chuck Norris's IT skills

Chuck Norris can edit PDF files

Chuck Norris rips CDs with his hands

Chuck Norris can download Metallica mp3s using Napster

Chuck Norris has a yahoo account with hotmail

Chuck Norris has an Intel CPU on an AMD motherboard

Chuck Norris has to chain his mouse to his desktop

Chuck Norris can program a MAC with excel macros

Chuck Norris website has never had a hit - Nobody hits Chuck Norris’ website

Chuck Norris invented C++ after roundhouse kicking C - TWICE

Chuck Norris is the Domain controller

Chuck Norris has the IP

Chuck Norris is mailer-daemon

Chuck Norris is Dr Watson

Chuck Norris monitor has no glare… no-one glares at Chuck Norris

format c: is the request to have Chuck Norris come roundhouse kick your PC

Chuck Norris has Windows XP on his Apple MAC

Chuck Norris never gets the page cannot be displayed error

Machine code is another name for Chuck Norris language

Chuck Norris CPU doesn’t have a fan

Chuck Norris can write DVDs on floppy drive

Chuck Norris invented the internet

Chuck Norris can paste pics in Notepad

Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked his 14400k modem & that’s how we got ADSL

Chuck Norris’s Dot matrix printer prints photos - in colour

Chuck Norris uses Notepad for a database

Chuck Norris’ PC speaker gives him 7.1 DTS surround sound



Chuck Norris is only a TV icon that beat the shit out of every bad guy but other than that Walker Texas Ranger had limited entertainment value. His movies were slightly better, these jokes are for fun and to spice up Chuck's image. Come on dont hate, because Chuck Norris's blood type is WD-40.

For real, people....

...get off the subject of killing chuck norris, K?
Your mission is not to kill chuck norris.

And shut up about "i was just on ur mom LOL" or I will light you on FIRE!!!
-just kidding-

Always remember, never forget

Always, always, ALWAYS! check your room for Chuck Norris. And hire Chuck Norris to protect you from Chuck Norris. PS It makes sense to me, OKAY?

Chuck Norris fathered 'the

Chuck Norris fathered 'the mother-board'

His PC never re-boots.One kick is ALWAYS enough.

Chuck invented binary by kicking Basic.

Chuck norris

the mall doesn't need mall security because Chuck Norris can multiply and round-house kick any and every shoplifter in the mall

chuck norris

In soviet russia chuck norris still beat you
chuck norris went to burger king and ordered a big mac, he got it

Chuck Norris plays Russian

Chuck Norris plays Russian Roulette with a fully loaded revolver... and wins.


Superman lives in fear of Chuck Norris because not even the man of steel can survive a roundhouse kick to the face.




Chuck Norris once went to a prep party and round-house-kicked eery popped coller in sight....rawr

Jesus can walk on water...

Jesus can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim on land


When chuck norris jumps in water chuck norris dont get wet water gets chuck norris
when the boogie man goes to bed he checks the closet for chuck norris
Hope you like the jokes

what do i do?

ummm..... i just accidently a coca cola bottle...... is this bad?

i killed chuch norris

i killed chuch norris


no one can kill Chuck Norris!

Who cares

Chuck Norris is retarded and all you followers of him should be afraid of me comming to "roundhouse kick" your face in cuz i beat up Chuck Norris last night. so go suck some1 else's dick cuz that is all you want Chuck Norris for

What is the difference between...

Chuck Norris and an Ostrich egg?
An Ostrich egg takes a half hour to beat and an hour to boil.
Chuck Norris cannot be beaten or boiled.

u are a freak

how did u beat up chuck norris
oh wiat u didnt

u are a freak

how did u beat up chuck norris
oh wiat u didnt

you a douch bag

hahaha well.. urmm what got stuck up your figina

calm down

It's just for laughs, why are you taking this so seriously?

you sir are an idiot

you sir are an idiot

thats really sad considering

thats really sad considering you bothered to search this page in the first place. now go suck your mums fat sweaty dick

Amazing Joke

In a fight with chuck norris there are always 2 hits, he hits you, you hit the floor!!

that's 3 hits. 1. Him

that's 3 hits.

1. Him hitting you,
2. You hitting the floor,
3. The ambulance hitting 90 down the freeway

for every hour that our

for every hour that our soliders are in iraq chuck norris comes and hits a iraq baby in the face.

U guys think you are so

U guys think you are so funny but ur mom.

"ur mom"

lets get off mum's all together ,Lords knows i just got off your's



U guys think you are so

U guys think you are so funny but ur mom.


Some people wear superman pajamas superman wears chuck norris pajamas


good chuch norris is annoying. chuck norris is still alive though

i killed chuch norris

i killed chuch norris

every person to say they

every person to say they killed chuck norris died from a round house kick to the head, after they pissed themselves that is

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