Real women don't do housework

Tip 1 - When a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking tin, use a bit of the dry cake mix instead and there won't be any white mess on the outside of the cake.
The Real Women's Way - Tesco's sell cakes. They even do decorated versions.

Tip 2 - If you accidentally over-salt a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a potato slice.
The Real Women's Way - If you over salt a dish while you are cooking, that's tough ****. Please recite with me the Real Women's motto: "I made it and you will eat it and I don't care how bad it tastes."

Tip 3 - Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips.
The Real Women's Way - Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for God's sake. You are probably lying on the couch with your feet up eating it anyway.

Tip 4 - To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.
The Real Women's Way - Buy Smash mashed potato mix and keep it in the pantry for up to a year.

Tip 5 - Wrap celery in aluminium foil when putting in the refrigerator and it will keep for weeks.
The Real Women's Way - It could keep forever. Who eats it?

Tip 6 - Brush some beaten egg white over pie crust before baking to yield beautiful glossy finish.
The Real Women's Way - Sainsbury's frozen pie directions do not include brushing any egg white over the crust so I don't do that.

Tip 7 - If you have a problem opening jars, try using latex dishwashing gloves. They give a non-slip grip that makes opening jars easy.
The Real Women's Way - What's the point of blokes then?

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